how could one person cause thousands to millions of deaths, especially when it wasn't them actually doing the torturing / killing, yes these people were politicians / leaders but they weren't actually doing the blood sheds. if you know what I mean. for example Hitler, I'm not for persecution of against humanity

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If a president gives the orders to go to war, and many are killed, he is to blame for their deaths.

I am against the persecution of humanity

Imagine you are a dictator someplace.

Now, imagine that you decide that some group in your your domain doesn't deserve to live. So, you command your underlings to kill them.

When your underlings resist your command, you have them killed.
The remaining underlings kill the people you didn't like.

How are you not responsible for all the deaths? They all would be alive if it hadn't been for you.

[FYI - I do not believe you would ever do such a thing.]

They all would be alive if it hadn't been for you. what do you mean ?

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