I believe that people can accomplish some incredible things when they are challenged in a positive way. I found this video on the BBC homepage today and there is another one with a guy that just did the 1st double back flip in a wheel chair. It is too bad that so many people focus on the negative side of things. So much more could be accomplished. As always, JMHO.

I think this world needs much less negative and lots more positive thoughts, actions, and goals. We seem to spend way too much time sucking up the negative feedback of the world.

Girl, 13, does wheelchair backflipThirteen-year-old Lily Rice becomes the first female in Europe to perform a backflip in her wheelchair.http://www.bbc.com/news/av/disability-41368134/girl-13-does-backflip-in-her-wheelchair
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You're right Will, way too much negativity going on in this world....but I doubt it will change with all that is going on in the world at the present time.

Thanks Will! A very inspiring alternative to negative garbage.

It's demotivating and depressing to hear about the accomplishment of one in a billion. No one can live up to that. JMHO

But give me the information that he was able to make his own supper...and hurrah!

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I find it both humbling and delightful, when I see others overcoming obstacles that are far greater than mine.

Awesome message Will


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