I was wrong. It's hard to say those three little words, amirite?

Even when you are willing to own up...those three little words...plus - sorry - can be difficult to spew...amirite?

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It's a bit humbling, but it feels better once it's been acknowledged. redface smilie

It is.Because I'm always right-even when I'm not..hehe smilie

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hehe smilie乂^◡^乂

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WTF? Remind me to click disagree on all your posts from now on.

I was... Wait... That's not the word.

I was... punctured... No wait...

I was... testicles? No wait...

I was... gobblefucker... Wait... That's not even a proper word.

I was wrong?

See. Yeah! Motherfucking gigglebreeming dollybodgering rifleshit!

I agree, but it does build character. :)

Only if you are holding on to pride over accuracy.

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