What could someone do to make you feel jealous?

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I'm not the jealous type, but I can understand some people getting jealous when their mate is flirting with someone else. But as far as being jealous of another woman, I never have been.

Look better in my clothes than I do! hehe smilie

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He is such a hunk!

There have a few things, over the years. When I would get done at work and go to where my then husband had a regular gig that evening as a DJ, for instance. I'd walk in and see and a co-worker of his at the radio station sitting right up there beside him, a woman I knew had a thing for him. I'd walk up to greet my husband, and she just sat there, evidently not thinking maybe his wife would want to take her place.
It didn't make me "jealous" , so much, just really peeved.

I get irritated/jealous when I see people collecting big monthly paychecks for nothing while my family members go to work. Having their taxes go to layabouts makes me jealous of their ability to game the system. Still we prefer earning our keep anyway.

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You are right. My self esteem would suffer greatly if I was taking from hardworking people to live a lavish lifestyle.
I have to look in the mirror every morning and I also have to know that I contributed my fair share to the well being of this country. I raised children who also pay their fair share.

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The world could use more "parents" like yours.

Jealousy and violence don't go well together, but being just jealous is not something to be ashamed of, nor should it be. We are all feeling some sort of attachment to somebody else, even if they don't necessarily return our feelings. It's all natural crap. Well, I am always full of crap, but that's because of my bloody constipation issue.

Swallow a full can of black pepper and wash it down with a bottle of Tabasco sauce....
Yea...that should do it..

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