Give Me My Money Back Part 1 The NFL So.. I was one of those people who kept hearing about NFL Players kneeling during the National Anthem. I didn't care. I'm a Social Libertarian. I believe in Freedom of Speach. The thing is I've accidentally watched this story now for a while. I can't really take a side. This was a private organization who as far as I'm concerned has Constitutional Rights... That was before I ran across an interesting story.. Over the last 20 years The NFL has taken $6,700,000,000 from American Tax Payers.... Wait.. What?.. Yup 6.7 Billion (With a B) by unknowing tax payers..(or maybe knowing. That's worse) over the last 20 years. Just so we are absolutely clear on this. Every single American Citizen has paid roughly $2,300 over the last 20 years just for the NFL to exist. I'll admit I'm a Broncos fan. I even watch an occasional game. If I Knew that bill was going to come to $2,300!!!??? I just might decline. Come on! We are talking about The most wealthy privately held Sports Corporation on the Planet! The average NFL Player makes 2 million dollars a year! A freaking Year! I don't care who kneels. I don't care who stands. I don't care what political distractions you throw like a bloody bone to the Media. You don't need my money. You never did. You just wanted more. Give Me My Money Back -DW2