What do you think of the culture of saunas?

I saw this article about meeting in saunas instead of at the pub on Friday nights after work and was surprised at the cultural differences. All of them were sans clothing. Some were gender segregated and others were all together. I just found the whole thing interesting.

Instead of the pub after work, they get naked together hereIn some countries, it’s not unusual to visit a sauna with colleagues. For foreigners new to the practice, it can be a shock.http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20161020-where-its-common-to-get-nude-with-your-colleagues
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About 20 years ago I was on a business trip to Vienna Austria and was staying in a nice hotel. I went down to the gym and worked out, then took a shower and saw a sauna, so I decided to check it out. I put on a swim suit and went in. I didn't realize that women had an entrance on the other side and they were sitting there naked. A couple of men came in and they were naked too. Soon after I sat down the women got up and left. I felt bad because it was probably my ignorance of their culture that disturbed them since I was the only one covered. Since then I have been to several European beaches and have lost all insecurities about walking around naked in front of strangers. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but it's not like there is a big secret hiding beneath our clothing. Ha!

I love a sauna.
But....too shy for the uncovered thing.

I've always loved saunas...with a bunch of people it's fun...

Even if people are wearing bikinis...it's still fun... I belonged to a club and after our workout we would all gather in the sauna...men and women...but we would all wear something skimpy...it can leave more to the imagination...

But hot tubs seem more fun.

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Ahhh....so that's what QT was talking about. Ha!


You should really seek counseling, Mark.

Four women is the minimum for sane people.

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Make sure they are real. No chicks with dicks, even though I know one on this very site and I like him/her quite a lot. Sorry, but it's just written in the rules.

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What towels, brother? See my link. Butt-naked and then you use properly done vihtas/vastas (it's a difference in dialect) to make sure, that you have properly got the blood going + the leaves are almost as good as LSD... Also that beating relaxes the muscle tension a lot.

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Bacteria maybe, but STD's require a little more interpersonal action. Ha!

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I've not thought about it much, or at all. I do recall being in a sauna at least once though, and I've been to Heidelberg too! :)
I think it's just fine, if people want to get naked in a sauna with others of any 'gender'. I would not.

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I don't think so. Nobodies sauna is getting drain yet. Ha!

My ideas about the sauna are rather sobering - it is for your wellbeing, your fitness, for relaxing, and there are certain rules to follow; think of your health and of detoxicating your body - lol:


smile smilie

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