You are never too old to wear__?

Wear what?

Image for post You are never too old to wear______?
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A onesie.

@Sukiesnow A onesie.

I had to look up what the hell onesie was.

@JustJimColo I had to look up what the hell onesie was.

I still have no fucking idea, but it's Aunt Sukie, so I gotta love the bloody comment, no matter what.

Clothes, they never go outta fashon. 乂º◡º乂

@VicZinc Diapers

Well, that depends.

@VicZinc Diapers

Uncle Vic, what have been talking about using the wrong size? Those are children' - here, use these (dumb ass).

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My parents are both in late 80's. I don't know what Vic's excuse is. Ha!

a smile.

I know I'm the official pervert of the site so...

Leather mini skirts and tight leather jackets. There. Happy now? ;o) ;o) ;o)

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Well, with that you'll never crap your underwear. I don't mean, you personally, just as in a general expression.


Bird droppings..

Flip flops


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