Being forced at gunpoint: my fear would be having to lick the toilet. Name one of your fears...at gunpoint?

Image for post **Being forced at gunpoint: my fear would be having to lick the toilet.** //Name one of your fears...at gunpoint?//
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I'd probably most fear the gun going off and blowing my head apart.shock smilie

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Lol...you wouldn't mind licking a clean toilet? And remember if you barf while licking...you have to lick that, too.

Love Dirty Harry...he says all the things people want to say but never do...

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I've missed out a lot.

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Someone's asshole? I did that while working for Corporate Canada...

Getting shot.

@JustJimColo Getting shot.

After that what would be another fear? Being made to have sex with a man???

Literally everything I would not want to do. I thought the post was going to be about constipation or other gastrointestinal problems.

(Apologies for the long wall of text.. lmao)

Nothing. I would do a quick sidestep, grab their arm faster than they can react, and twist it til the gun is pointing at their face. While one arm is forcing them to point the gun at their own face I would kick them in the gut, poke them in the eyes, and punch them as hard as possible in the throat, then if they've dropped the gun by that time I'd grab it. Maybe they'd just end up shooting themself before that.. haha. If I happened to be pissed off I would probably shoot them multiple times in the chest and head with the gun. Hasta la vista, sucker. If I've got that gun in my hands don't expect any mercy from me. By threatening my life, you pretty much just guaranteed your own death. It may seem stupid to do that, but if my life is in danger I will fight back no matter how stupid or dangerous it may be to do so. I'm a rebel.

Shake your head at me if you want, but that's what I'd do. Dying in the process isn't exactly a concern of mine, which is why I'd do it. In that moment all I'd care about is attempting to get the upper hand and scaring the enemy away.

@Sukiesnow I can see how you'd be a challenging adversary...

Yup... Not the type to give in to control even if my life is in danger. Correction: especially. I refuse to be controlled by someone.. So I'd be taking that dude down without a second thought of whether it's a bad or good decision. I don't know why I think like that, I just do.

@Sukiesnow You are either funny or cute...maybe both....

Hahah pfft.. if I am cute it would definitely have to be in personality, not looks. I'm pretty ugly when it comes to physical appearance, I used to be cute as a kid though. xD

Being shot....

Have to eat liver and onions.....on a paper plate.

@DandyDon Have to eat liver and onions.....on a paper plate.

Now that the "people who force at gunpoint" know this...they will be at your house...soon...

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For sure... ill smilie

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