Will you at least hear me out?? The problem with anger is that someone may not stop to listen to your reason.

Anger can stir up a host of problems...

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Anger makes many people deaf and blind.

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We have five senses, and the easiest way to lose touch with all of them is to get angry. I find it very easy to avoid although some seem intent on encouraging it.

It sure can, I always try to let people explain themselves. Seems to me that otherwise you get a lot of crossed wires and unfortunate series of events.

We both know, who this post is about. So do everybody else, including Budwick. He will be back and forth and gone and back and forth and gone and... I guess it's a never-ending cycle. He will live to be 452 years old and piss on our graves every now and then, just to be "funny".

What a great post! People on the internet are very fragile.

It's not the lack of people listening that is enraging people. It's the fact that most of the people don't side with them, that has them infuriated.

Anger blocks communication, and the desire to understand. It can blind the angry person to how anyone else might be feeling. Anger can easily be misguided and misdirected. I've oft been on the receiving end of someone's anger and rage, even if it was not me personally that caused the anger to start with, nor did I fuel the fire. Sometimes, you just gotta give people the courtesy of time to experience their anger and not insist on them listening to what you've "gotta say". Take a break, cool off, then regroup and reconnect.

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