Believing in Christ = Christian. Believing in God = Godian.

Image for post Believing in Christ = Christian. Believing in God = Godian.
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Someone should use that term...since we are adressing two different entities. Identities?

There is no such thing as " godian " the term you're trying to find already exists and is called " Theist " which describes a belief in a deity.

I'm sure you know the term "Atheist" which describes rejection of any deities, the term comes from Latin where the part " a-" is put as a rejection or missing and then add "theist" to describe the opposite term.

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If that is the case there needs to be a name that reflects that.

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I understand it but am playing Devils Advocate; besides ...most religions rely too heavily on faith.

@Sukiesnow So what do you call someone who is a Christian but also believes in God?

Christian. You don't need to specify that a Christian believes in a god, you can't be one if you don't. It's kinda like saying vegetarian who doesn't eat meat, the main term coveres all meanings.

Believing in Christian values, but not Christ as nothing more than an alien hybrid...


Interesting point... so is believing in self, selfian? or selfish? I'd belong to the confusian for sure on such matters.

if you believe in the blessed trinity, christ is part of that - not separate, just the embodiment of that same entity - if you don't, then screw you for making me type all these alphabetical characters, lol..

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