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Prejudice tends to come with lack of understanding/knowledge of a group. Also, being wrongly informed, or only knowing the bad will give you a pretty bad picture of a lot of things. Or you yourself only having a bad experience with the people in question, and after that you're kind of jaded.

But I think common sense should be enough for people to understand that not everyone is the same. People who are heavy on prejudice tend to not have that understanding.

I don't think there is near the level of prejudice people to to make everyone believe when it comes to skin color.
Is it prejudice to cross the street to avoid a group of white guys who look like they are gang members? Is it prejudice to cross the street to avoid a group of black guys who look like they are gang members? Perception of how people present themselves isn't prejudice, it's caution gained from learned experiences.
I also don't buy into any notion that there is any correlation between IQ and perceived prejudice. If anyone knows of an unbiased, legitimate study on the subject, I would enjoy reading it.

Has anyone seen my good socks? Oh, found them. They were behind the drawer.

Actually I have seen research that shows a "U" shaped in the middle of the graph with high bias by lowest and also the highest intelligence. The lowest (handicapped) tend to be accepting of all, as do the extremely intelligent. However within the mid range there is a spike at either end, explained this way:

The lower-mid IQs are biased against people who cannot change their situation (color, ethnicity, body types, handicaps, etc) while
the higher-mid end is biased against those who can make changes but choose not to (political leaning, financial decisions, stylistic choices).

My thoughts are that your graph is as phony as you are.

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