Have you ever been unfairly kicked out of a place you were renting?

I wanna rant, so ignore this if you don't want to read about my internal anger right now: So there was a change of plans in my life recently and I have to leave the apartment I am in right now. This change came recently, so I decided to warn my landlady about it, since I would be leaving around October 20/21, and it's just a "norm" to warn the landlord/lady when you're leaving with a month in advance. It was unexpected, and I knew she would have to rent the place again, so it seemed the logic thing to do. Also, we, the people renting the place, paid a month in advance at the beginning, and all that, so if we also warn earlier, the last month of our stay is free (I wasn't actually counting on it being free, since I knew she would be pissed at me leaving at such time and I was ready to pay the month anyway). So, what does she do? I had barely explained the situation, and she starts yelling at me through the phone, keeps interrupting me and yelling over me, accused me of having this planned since July and pretty much gave me two days to leave. I knew she was neurotic with having things her way, but that was straight up insane. She came by today to give me the security deposit money (or whatever the name of the money is) and told me to leave by tomorrow, or she would throw my stuff in the trash. Now, the funny thing: she knows I'm from Madeira (an island of Portugal), and I don't have any family here in Lisbon, so she's pretty much saying "Fuck you, go sleep on the street". Anyway, in her mind, I went back to Madeira for the Summer, didn't take my stuff, kept paying the room that is expensive as hell while not using it, came back to do whatever wasting a looot of money on plane tickets, and now I'm going to leave again, wasting more money on travelling... just to mess with her. She accused me of ruining her life, as in I planned this with the intent to mess with her, and also, she said that she's kicking me out now because she can't get anyone in November to enter the room (BS, yes she can. The room is close to a subway station and a supermarket, and the place is decent. She can get someone here anytime she wishes, even with the price that it is). Now the truth? I was always organised, paid always in time, didn't ruin the place, cleaned it well, did my part, didn't bring people around, was always polite, never gave her any problem, and she always acted friendly to me. And the moment I have an issue that gives her a little work, she treats me like trash? Well, okay then. She's doing this illegally. She doesn't give receipts, there's no contract, she keeps the money all to herself paying no taxes for it... there's fines and jail sentence to people who do this (and it's a common thing in Portugal for people to do this to students). I don't know, but I'm pretty fucking inclined to give one word to the Finances about her and let the karma flow through her. And no, she can't do any of this. I have a friend who's a layer and my mother knows other landlords (legal ones) - all were baffled she did this, especially in the situation that she's in. Greedy fake bitch. smh

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No, I've never had that happen. Since I had to be a "landlady" for a number of years, I can understand one not being exactly thrilled when someone breaks a lease. It doesn't sound like that what has happened here, though.

Your landlady sounds like a very angry and vindictive person, and I hope she will not do what she's threatened. Would you have someplace else to be for awhile, Sophia, if she does? Your stuff is important too, of, course. I do not know what the laws in Portugal are, I admit.

Okaaaaaay... my rant got really long. Sorry sry smilie I got too much into it.

Anyway, people don't have to read it. You can just answer the question and share your experience if you want.

@Sofia Okaaaaaay... my rant got really long. Sorry I got too much into it. Anyway, people don't have to read it...

I don't know what kinda laws you have where you are, If you were in Maine usa that would be illegal, you need to give one month she needs to give one month. Sorry she is acting like a nut, especially since you aren't planning on going for a while. Soyou will need to look around but you should have trights as well.

Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. Sounds like a hypocrite who can't see past their own convenience and can't appreciate decent people who cross their path. I hope she gets what she deserves.
She might as well end up being screwed up by a renter who is actually a bad opportunistic person - that would be poetic. :P

@primeiro Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. Sounds like a hypocrite who can't see past their own convenience and can't appreciate...

Yeah, she made herself the complete victim and I'm the evil disrespectful tenant that doesn't give two craps about her and her situation.
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I had a friend that also had some issues. Her landlady asked for security money and some months after, kicked them all out, saying none of them gave them any security money (she didn't passed receipts either, so it was their words against each other). Many people take advantage of students with crap like this, because most are just desperate to find a place to stay, so they'll accept the place, even with no contract or receipts. It's revolting.

@Sofia Yeah, she made herself the complete victim and I'm the evil disrespectful tenant that doesn't give two craps about...

It's really pretty frustrating that there are people like this who take advantage of others and then (as if that was not bad enough) cry victim and blame everyone else when all goes wrong.

@Sofia Yeah, she made herself the complete victim and I'm the evil disrespectful tenant that doesn't give two craps about...

Oh right you must note what every check was for, then you have some proof. I write The date and for what on each check I write, and if you hand over real cash youMUST expect a written receipt or don't pay.

I have more often wanted to evict someone - it is darn hard to get someone out - even when they will not pay rent. Right now I want to by a new place but the tenant won't get out or let anyone look inside. I should buy it sight unseen and get her out no excuses.

@Sofia Can she do that? (I mean, legally speaking)

I don't think so, call or research the law where you are. If you aren't too rich there are usually legal services to help you find out.

@Sofia I was asking about your case. Your tenant that refuses to leave.

Not my tenant, a tenant in a house i want to buy. I got a call today from my realtor, he said she will have to be out end of month. See they can drag it out but not live forever when told to go. I hope you just find a new place soon. Good luck sofia.

Almost, until I bought the place I was renting.

@Azlotto Almost, until I bought the place I was renting.

That seems like a pretty definitive way of solving the problem. :P :)

Gosh sorry to hear all this. Yes I read it all as I have rented many times and had some bad experiences.

My advice would be just to go "provided" that you aren't owned any money. I think you said you'd paid a month in advance. Well she should be letting you stay until the rent runs out or, if she wants you to go sooner (which is illegal where I live) she must refund you the rest of the rent. If she owes you anything then I'd be having a word to the Finances as you said otherwise her bad behaviour will just repeat itself to future tenants.

@Sofia She gave me the money, so that part is done.

That’s one thing positive at least, but she sounds crazy and I know from personal experience how stressful is when suddenly you have to move

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