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You know the purpose of the attack

@Budwick No. Do you?

I want to know the motive for the attack

@S_Tirta I want to know the motive for the attack

Me too, but then again.. there's no possible justification for randomly shooting people. Whatever his motivation, it's clear this person snapped.

I fear, by 'guilt by association', we are likely to demonize whatever groups/causes he might have supported.


He had been in that hotel two or three days before the shooting, so I guess he could have brought them in on different occasions. That's just a guess, I have no idea.

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The world has gone mad.


Stupid fucks are everywhere. It's not just your problem, we have enough of them here. Take me for an example.

EDIT: If you aren't completely human, do not take me for an example.


whether this person has a mental disorder

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Actually, they didn't kick down the door, they blew it in. But he was dead when they got in.

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I guess they did that to protect themselves, which makes sense, especially since the shooter had an automatic. Another senseless sad.

This idea of news coming from Las Vegas is quite weird. I thought, that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... That's the general rule.

Another senseless shooting. At last count 58 people died, and over 500 being treated at hospitals. Evidently the shooter had been in the hotel for a few days, so he could have brought those guns in on separate occasions. Also, there's a gun show coming up in Vegas, and they say seeing people with guns in that town isn't unusual.

Now I've heard that the shooter was a gambler, had made some large transactions, whether he was winning or losing, no one knows. That might have been a motive, but nothing has been confirmed.

Prayers and sympathy goes out to those who have survived and those who have lost loved ones.

The world has gone mad.

I don't pray. I'm not religious.

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