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Boys and their toys...

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[Heavy sigh]
They're trying to break a land speed record; not design a new street legal car.

Better just put a missile horizontally and put a few steering wheels under it

I believe it was tested on a fighter aircraft. Why they want to make a car go 1000 mph is beyond me. :)

I still prefer helicopters. Much easier to crash than cars powered by... Oh... Wait... What.

I can see the rationale behind testing the engine on a car. A ground based frame is cheaper than a custom air-frame, the engine can be tested as slower speeds first, if there is a mechanical problem, the vehicle can roll to a stop instead of nose diving into a lake bed and.... there will probably be people sponsoring the development just to see the land record broken.

The article says the engine was designed for a plane, but that's not goal of the project. The project is to make a super fast car to break the land speed record. Testing on an aircraft seems like it would add cost unnecessarily.

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