I'm so screwed... an update on the situation with my landlady.

If you don't know about it and want to know, see my post about being unfairly kicked out from a place you're renting.... - So, since I was kicked out, one of my mum's friends said I could stay with her. All good. I was pissed about the way my ex-landlady treated me and that's obvious from the post. I was thinking of reporting her to the finances since she's renting the place illegally, but I don't have all the information I need to do that, so that was a lost case. Anyway, that was that. Then today, after I took my stuff out, I went to say goodbye to one of my roommates, I went back to my room, made sure I didn't left anything behind and looked out from the window. When I turned, my mum's friend has stripped the bed and dumped detergent (to clean the floor, with a strong smell of ammonia) on it. On the bed, on the floor, and on some of the furniture. I yelled at her to stop, but she did as she wanted. Then she took the keys. I told her to give it to me, more than twice, so I could put the keys on the drawer that I told the landlady I would leave them, and she refused (she said she was going to throw them in the trash), then got mad at me for being mad with her... what the actual fuck?! I was done with this. I was ready to forget this woman and just move on with my life, and my mum's friends decides to act like a high school bully to "teach her a lesson so she thinks twice the next time she tries to throw someone out like she did with me"?! My mum's friend is fine, the landlady won't come after her. She's going to think I'm the one that did that shit! And one of the roommates is a good friend of mine and the landlady knows that. She's going to involved her on this shit... for fuck's sake! I'm too old for this kind of crap.