if liberals can blame all of NRA and all legal law abiding gun owners for the actions of a criminal who broke every law regarding murder, guns, rifles etc etc, then conservatives have every right to blame all muslims for the actions of the few nutjobs. GOES BOTH WAYS!

liberals are only against generalization when against their ideology, but are very quick to generalize against anyone they don;t agree with.

why is NRA at fault Hilary clinton? give even one logical reason why? now tell me why you are against some blaming all muslims? you liberals are the height of all hypocrisy!!!

NRA follows the law, they do not in any way promote killing other humans.

what are the laws in LA??? pretty sure its pretty darn strict! and the venue where this happened? pretty sure it was illegal to have any guns. what good did that law do for the victims? not one ounce of good! each and every one of them helpless, unable to defend themselves. and did that law prevent the shooter? no! no it did not, such laws NEVER DO! other people with guns stop bad people with guns.

shame you liberals want all of america to be helpless like those folks where in LA!