Democrats should just start signing up non-whites to the NRA by the thousands. Watch as the original NRA members start calling for gun control laws

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Sounds like a plan. Things would certainly change then.

@StarzAbove Sounds like a plan. Things would certainly change then.

That's for sure! Lot's more gun owners learning about gun safety!
Wouldn't that be terrific!

Hate to break the news to you but the NRA has a LOT of black members, many of who were in the military.
It's comical that liberals seem to associate all black with guns as members of the Black Panthers. Meanwhile, they seem to condone the Black Panthers for calling on that terrorist organizations members to arm themselves while they would condemn any white organization to do the same.

That's one of the differences between progressives and conservatives when it comes to the NRA. Conservatives understand that the NRA invites all citizens who believe in the 2nd amendment to join. Liberals believe it's against every agenda they support, and throw up a race card, when all else fails.

Take you idea to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, in Chicago.
If he could get his citizens to join the NRA, they could learn about gun safety and reduce the outrageous murder rate!

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