On some level you would have made a great Don Corleone.

Image for post On some level you would have made a great Don Corleone.
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One of the best fictional books i have read.
It amazes be, being as well read as you are, that you never even heard of it.

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Yes two very good movies and a third that was disappointing.

But the original book, if you like a good story.....well, give it a read. If you have the time.

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I lack..ruthlessness....

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I have that Brando voice occasionally.

I'm not certain, if this term is used in the English speaking part of the world, but here in Finland, that effect (which obviously comes from enough booze) is called whiskey bass.

Probably not, but if I had the name I'd start a pizza chain called Godfather's... and when people put in a phone order, they'd get, This is the Don... i'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse.... pizza is best served cold on a plate... you talk about pizza? is pizza gonna bring your son back? you wanna order in or eat Al Fresco? I'm gonna talk to Al about this

@Sukiesnow Ha... You can tell I watched The Godfather again tonight, can't you?

Yes! it was a great movie but my parents took me to see it when I was seven and it really upset me then... especially when Sonny got shot.

I am a pushover with far too much empathy. I could make all he threats in the world but everyone would know I would never be following thru. Plus I love animals, so no horse heads in beds. lol

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