You made a mistake, but after some cursing...you realise it turned out genius. A pleasant surprise, amirite?

I like to think one of my higher powers is looking at me in pity...you poor, misguided fool :) ...and then deciding to help me out by transforming one of my mistakes into something amazing... Ever had this sort of experience?

Image for post You made a mistake, but after some cursing...you realise it turned out //genius. A pleasant surprise, amirite?//
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My mistakes are usually just that.

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Yep! It can be a surprise! LOL
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I was printing out some pics at the mall...and getting frustrated...and in a rush...so I ended up punching out some pics and thought...oh well hopefully I'll get some....rushed out...got home...and Voilà! I "accidentally" printed out an adorable large size pic of my wee baby Smeagol... Love looking at it so much...

I took stuff out of the oven the other day, put the silly gloves away and thought: "I wonder if its securely placed, where it is now." Put my fucking left index finger on it. Well, the neighbors might have learned some new language.

@Sukiesnow Gimme a couple of decent swear words in Finnish....

I think it went something like "Vittu saatanan Jeesuksen perkeleen perse ja vittu, saatana." Or something. You can try Google to translate or I can do it for you in PM.

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Was it paperwork?

Yup, I woke up this morning.....

It's been moments that I've had happy accidents form as the result of a mistake.

There's only a mistake..when you leave it a mistake..

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