Senate Confirms Ajit Pai FCC Chair That Could be the End of the Last Source of Truth we Have.

Senate confirms Trump's Ajit Pai for another 5 years so you can kiss the only source of truth left in this country goodby unless people actually understand what net neutrality means and do something. Net neutrality is what we have now. It classifies the Internet as a utility like telephones and water and ensures that even though the service may be owned privately it must provide the same service to all it's customers. Pai's proposal to end net neutrality will give ISP's the ability to censor websites it doesn't like. This is yet another Trump gift to the wealthy who will still allow access to the sites but at slower speeds effectively removing what little competition still exists in the last venue available to the little guy. It will also ensure that Internet news will become exactly like mainstream news. Google is already taking steps in that direction by demonetizing independent sites that don't toe the line.
4 Dems voted along with all republicans to Confirm
4 democrats along with all republicans voted to confirm even though 60% of Americans favor net neutrality which Pai, a former Verizon lawyer, will surerly end
Claire McCaskill (D- Mo) said "I disagree with Pai on net neutrality but the president has a right to the chairman because he won the election." WHAT??? Are you kidding me? Do you even have a clue as to how the system is supposed to work Claire? Or you just can't say no to cash. You're supposed to represent the people you piece of dogshit. I hope they primary your ass out of there ASAP.
Who stands to benefit from the end of neutrality? (Qui bono?) Well, Verizon of course, Comcast, Time Warner and every major corporation on the planet.
The last time Pai tried to end neutrality the FCC site got so flooded with email it shut down. We need to keep doing that every time it comes up. Which will probably be often. You know these assholes want to control everything.