Next to politics and religion...what's also a dicey topic?

Image for post Next to politics and religion...what's also a dicey topic?
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Gay marriage

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I try to stay away from that topic.

What? I never mentioned your idol, trump.
Gay marriage is most certainly a subject that is controversial. And you just said yourself...dicey.
It has nothing to do with liberals trying to divide anyone.
It has to do with giving loving couples the right to wed and enjoy the same benefits that marriage provides straight couples.
You just cant let anything i say, go.
Such a hateful woman you are.
It's people like you that are tearing this country apart. Such targeted, ugly, hateful, stabbing speech.
You must be a miserable woman.

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I am a 58 year old, gay woman. I came out as such in the early eighties. Dealt with it in the seventies, in the closet, through high school and in the usaf.
After the service, i went into construction, started by swinging a hammer on a framing crew. Ended as a gc. Working in that industry, in the south, was an uphill battle my entire career. Had to prove myself on a regular basis in ways my male collegues never did. But.. i succeeded.
If you live in a small community, as i now do, animosity towards gay people, just for being gay, abounds. Abusive comments, many of the men get pushed around, job descrimination. Difficult for many to find housing.
You are dreaming if you think we are treated like everyone else. I reckon it is easier for you to believe what you do.
I agree that is much easier than it was 35 years ago. But, we as a nation still have a ways to go.
And my thoughts and ideals are my own, i am no ones puppet, or useful idiot.

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Never have i once stated that your presidential golden boy has oppressed me. And...i dont believe you had openly gay friends in the 80's and 90's.

I just explained myself above. I will not do it again.

Sex, money


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