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I have some gold and silver.
For those interested, selling gold and silver, in other words - 'cashing in', is not that easy to do. Well, at least not easy to avoid ridiculous commissions when selling. Numismatic coins are even worse. Pricing is too subjective. If you buy them, ensure they have already been graded - PCGS is considered the industry standard - it adds considerably to the cost. Gold and silver bullion is the way to go - IMO. I also bought a bunch of what is called 'junk silver' coins. They're old silver dollars beat up pretty bad in many cases. But still very cool to admire, and they are silver!

Certainly not cell phones!

Investing? That's why we're in the trouble we're in. People getting too much money for nothing. Wall Street, banks, hedge funds, large coporations, et al. are leeches on the economy. They take the lions share of the wealth while contributing nothing of any real value to the society they bleed.
Free market capitalism is as destructive as it is stupid and they're making it worse every day. If their tax "reform" goes through prepare for a 2 class society and 80% poverty.

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