Wow, just had an epiphany. It says the "right to bear arms" not the right to own them. Universal Armament! a 'single-payer' system where the government ensures equal and fair distribution of arms to all citizens. It's preserves the 2nd amendment right, it is fair, Bernie can get behind it, and it gets NRA money out of politics.

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Yeah, that's exactly what the founders had in mind.
cyc smilieloser smilieno smilie

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It's so crazy it just might work. clap smilie

Ever see this before? It's tweets from our current president before receiving millions in campaign contributions from the NRA.


Off topic but anyway....America loves guns...other countries hate them. It ALL begins with the right attitude... Without the right attitude...nothing will change.

I just found out that the psycho who murdered all those people in Las Vegas had reserved two hotel rooms overlooking a concert in Chicago which my daughter was at. That brings it close to home..

@VicZinc Holy shit dude!

Yea. Gave me a "stomach drop" feeling.

Hey, if you ever want me to come over and watch a movie at your house just let me know. goo smilie

RE: Attitude towards guns - America has the right attitude regarding guns for America.

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If that epiphany says we have the right to bear arms , but not own them, does that mean the government is going to provide a gun to every citizen then?

The left claims everyone has the right to insurance, housing, phones, internet etc etc.... and if you can't afford it, they will provide it.... same same

So you are suggesting Democrats pay for my guns like you democrats demand republicans pay for them to murder babies?

@Anonymousmouse So you are suggesting Democrats pay for my guns like you democrats demand republicans pay for them to murder babies?

Along with your roads, your police, your national defense and the rest of your medical care. Yep. I suggest that the national interest pay for all the essentials.

But not murdering babies? NO. Once a fetus transitions into a baby at birth only republicans can murder then by by defunding: neonatal care, child health plus, Women and Children's fund, preschool funding and any other program designed to keep babies healthy.

Just think, after you take away all of the support options for newborns those women will immediately stop having sex - so republicans will have to go back to old method of raping them, because god knows masturbation is a sin.

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