A friend has rudely insulted you...how do YOU bounce back?...

And in RL, too, please... And: When I say "bounce back" I mean not just an immediate reaction...but how do you also deal with the emotional remnants of a fiasco...? And not as much pertaining to online activities but in REAL LIFE where you might be confronted with your possible misdeeds. You can't block in RL...

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I can't remember the last time that happened..
What are we...10 years old?

Most likely...i'll just let that friend stew in their own ignorance..

If you can't talk without insulting, i don't hear you..

I havent been insulted by a close friend in a very long time. If it did happen, i would have to think it was more what was going on with their life. Something that would cause them to lash out. We would cool down and talk about it.

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Does that really work?

A bouncy castle would do the trick.

Being the introspective type, I would probably internalize it and think about it every now and then.. doing a little soul searching along the way.

My immediate response would be to remain stoic (and not show any outward signs of being hurt).

Brutally. It only happened once, back when I was a young major, by another major. It was like being stabbed in the back. I attacked back brutally and it never happened again. I kind of agree with the philosophy in the book "Ender's Game".

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You know, when I apologized publicly...I really don't think anyone cared, anyway.

I think my friend - in RL - is bi-polar anyway....I just made that diagnosis...yesterday....

People who are bi-polar are really hard to be around.

I've never been rudely insulted by a friend.

By a friend to be rudely insulted
Has never in my life resulted
From real interactions
Or real-life transactions,
No matter how deeply occulted.
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Stare into their soul

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