Is "I Don't Know" ever a good answer?

For anything...or...when might it be acceptable to say "I Don't Know..."

Image for post Is "I Don't Know" //ever// a good answer?
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Always. More people should do it instead of making up a shit answer.

Yep. There are questions whose answer we will probably never know. Besides, depending on factors such as relevance and time/resource constraints, sometimes a question may simply not be worth, or even practically possible, to explore.

There are many questions ive been asked that i didnt know the answer to.

Yes. Unless one knows (or can figure out) absolutely everything, there are bound to be times when that's the only honest answer.

Not really! Maybe for young kids but not adults!
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I don't know. Is it?

Yes, a true statement is much better than a false answer.

It is when being interrogated by law enforcement officers.

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If said honestly, yes.

Ever? Of course!

Better then lying

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