Is "I Don't Know" ever a good answer?

For anything...or...when might it be acceptable to say "I Don't Know..."

Image for post Is "I Don't Know" //ever// a good answer?
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Always. More people should do it instead of making up a shit answer.

Yep. There are questions whose answer we will probably never know. Besides, depending on factors such as relevance and time/resource constraints, sometimes a question may simply not be worth, or even practically possible, to explore.

There are many questions ive been asked that i didnt know the answer to.

Yes. Unless one knows (or can figure out) absolutely everything, there are bound to be times when that's the only honest answer.

I don't know. Is it?

Yes, a true statement is much better than a false answer.

It is when being interrogated by law enforcement officers.

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Better then lying

If said honestly, yes.

Ever? Of course!