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I LOVE STEAM ENGINES!!! Ill post some pics so you guys can see where i've been but i'm not home right now im at a party

Yes I have.

Hi there, Janet. Good to see you. 😊

Nope!! Although I wish...

Only in Assassin's Creed Syndicate

They used to have one at Knott's Berry Farm that everyone could ride. It was fun!

@Rooster They used to have one at Knott's Berry Farm that everyone could ride. It was fun!

they still do. It's an authentic Denver Rio Grande Narrow Gauge railroad engine and cars. Image in content I took dis last year

The train from Durango to Silverton. It is about a 3 hour ride.

All the time when I was a kid.

I prefer steam-powered airplanes and giant robots.

Yes, many times as a child in the early 50's. There is still one running at Knott's Berry Farm here in Southern California.

Yes, we have a steam train in the hills on the outskirts of Melbourne that I rode on when I was a kid. It's' still in operation.

This is it....
Image in content

Yes. Back when I was in fourth grade, the teacher took our class on a field trip which was a ride on a stam powered train (it was run by a line named Chesapeake and Ohio) from our town to another town thirty miles away and back again. Also, during the Christmas season my father would take us kids from our town on the train to downtown Detroit to go see Santa Claus at the old J.L.Hudson department store, window shop for all the things we wanted for Christmas, and ride the train back to our town. I loved the rides, especially watching at the crossings where the car traffic was stopped for the train while we crossed the road the cars traveling on!

I love trains :3

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