My grandfather drove for a year before realising he needed a license. Got any other quirky immigrant experiences?

Image for post My grandfather drove for a year before realising he needed a license.  //Got any other quirky immigrant experiences?//
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My grandfather lived for fifty plus years in this country (USA) where he immigrated without learning to speak English. If you wanted to have a conversation with him, you had to know how to speak Russian.

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It's odd how no one ever talks about the Great Depression.

Not really, but sort-of, I guess. Someone who was a friend with, who came from Pakistan along with his family. I don't know where he is today, I haven't heard of him, in years.

In the city of Canada, where I am from, before we got these bus passes that are scan-able, they were these paper bus passes for the regular transit and bus tickets and for the Paratransit (transportation for the disabled), they had hole punch passes, and there own version of bus tickets, but they also accepted the regular transit bus pass on the Paratransit. Back then, according to my friend, his Dad got him a hole punch pass and a regular bus pass, which made no sense as you could use the regular bus pass for both transit and Paratransit at the time.

Today, the scan-able bus passes are used for both Transit and Paratransit.

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