I might be moving to another country for a year... either this is going to be the best thing in my life, or I'm going to disappear from the surface of the Planet Earth.

Do you like making big changes? Do you deal well with it? I normally don't....... Feel free to share about your experience with a big change in your life that worked for the better.

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Wow, that is incredible! I'm really excited to hear that.
I'm going to share an experience via PM. :)

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biggrin smilie

I guess people are comfortable. Making changes can also bring bad stuff with it.

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I have felt at least little apprehensive about big changes in my life, along with the sometimes thrill of the unknown. I don't think it will necessarily be either of those scenarios, Sophia. :)

Cool, do it.

@AliceD Cool, do it.

I should add, some people are very ordered in nature and others are somewhat chaotic, I lean toward the very chaotic myself :)

I'm not good with changes....it took about three years before my husband could talk me out of moving out of my home and to a neighboring town, into a new home. But that was the best thing that ever happened.

I know you'll adjust quite well. Enjoy your new experience.

Congratulations on moving to Australia biggrin smilie. I’ll get the barbecue ready, just watch out for the killer koalas hehe smilie

It's something you'll always thank yourself for doing. Moving to another country is a little difficult in the beginning, but it gets better with time. I am the worst when it comes to adjusting at new places, with new people. But it's like they taught us math; the more you expose yourself to such situations, the more comfortable you feel.

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Thank you :)

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Most likely the former.

@Vrendowl Most likely the former.

I haven't disappeared, so I guess you're right :D

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