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I am better in an all Girls Group.

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I don't know. The best part was having the boys be part of a different made them more interesting. Having groups mixed right off the bat will miss that experience.

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I honestly don't see the point with this one. There already is a 'Girl's Scout'.

The boy scouts was once a great organization. The girl scouts have had their own organization since 1911. It worked. In recent decades, some girls (or more likely, liberal activists) looked at the boy scouts and wanted their daughters to experience some of what the boys were doing. Instead of changing/expanding the girls organization, they thought it would be easier to just take over and destroy something that was already working.
This is just another example of a small group of progressives taking over, and destroying an established organization. It won't be long before the boy scouts, as we know it is completely gone. That's why the Mormons have started up their own version of the boy scouts.

@JustJimColo The boy scouts was once a great organization. The girl scouts have had their own organization since 1911. It...

The BSA reached out to the GSUSA. as the BSA's membership has seen a significant drop in their membership after 1972 when it was then at six and a half million members and last year's was nearly two and a third million. GSUSA saw the BSA's approach to them as a surreptitious attempt to boost the Boy Scouts' membership. This information comes out of the CNN link below:

@PartyOfOne The BSA reached out to the GSUSA. as the BSA's membership has seen a significant drop in their membership after...

And since your read it on CNN, it must be true.
Do you have a real clue why membership dropped in the 70's and continues to drop today? Cultural changes in the US. The 60's and 70's were the decades of anti establishment, and people were dropping out of many things. It continues today as many kids have other interests than they did 10 years ago, or 20 years ago, or 30 years ago. Look at today and the kids, their relationships are more based on social media than face to face. Times change.
As to GSUSA, they will be a defunct organization within a decade. I wouldn't be surprised if the BSA follows suit if they continue on the course they are on. I look at the BSA to continue to decline in numbers as parents look for viable alternatives to an organization that has become more about political correctness than looking out for the best interests of the kids. I think the Boy Scout type initiative started by the Mormon church will thrive.

Why would girls want to be in the boys scouts? Aren't there scouts for girls?

People who didn't read my link will say: UGH GIRLS IN THE BOY SCOUTS???? THATS TOO FAR

How about they just merge the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, call it "The Scouts," and forget all of this stupid gender shit?

The end goal is to obliterate any identification of anyone. Just workers - 1984 - a bit slow but still headed in that direction.

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When their delusions get to the point that they can actually play football against men.

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And her PT standards are way below the man's.
A 27 year old man has to do 39 in two minutes to pass
A 27 year old woman has to do 17 to pass.
2 mile run:
A woman passes with a time of 20 min 30 sec
A man passes with a time of 17 min 00 sec

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Yep, I Know what you mean. I always wondered what would happen if I got wounded and had to depend on a 120 pound woman to carry my 220 pound body out of danger.

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I also remember back before the start of Desert Storm when women lieutenants and captains were demanding to get staff positions in combat units. (They are ticket punch positions) Once those units started to deploy, a number of those women became pregnant and non-deployable. Coincidence?


Noooo ... I prefer watching the women's football games. They have better uniforms than the NFL. hello smilie

My mind snaps back to a news piece regarding sexual misconduct within the BSA - though I don't remember the particulars, it's enough to make me worry if mixing the boys and girls is a smart move.

Better early than late.

When I was in the BSA (in the early 1970's) ... there were Den Leaders who allowed girls to participate in the activities, because there wasn't a Girl Scout program in the area. I had family in other areas where the reverse was true.

It may not have been officially allowed ... but it wasn't a "big deal", either.
The only thing I can recall which the girls weren't allowed to participate in, were the Jamborees.

so girl guides will let boys in now too? come on. this is rediculous

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