Why do liberals or any pro gun control advocatethink that guns magically make people kill large amounts of people? do not forget 9/11 people,not one gun was used, yet killed over 2OOO people,

sorry pro gun control advocates, but all you will do by putting more restrictions on guns will restrict LAW abiding citizens PERIOD! you will not reduce violence, you will not reduce suicide you will not reduce murder, you will not prevent mass shootings by banning or controlling guns, you will only cause people to kill themselves in a different manner, you will only make it easier for criminals to break into homes, you will make it easier for murderers to murder, as criminals will know that law abiding citizens will not have any means to defend themselves against criminals, mind you no guns could have prevented 9/11, but point being, someone can kill HUGE amounts of people without guns.

September 11th Terror Attacks Fast FactsView the September 11th Fast Facts from CNN and learn more information on the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/27/us/september-11-anniversary-fast-facts/index.html
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Why would anyone doubt that a weapon made for the sole purpose of killing,.. does just that?

I think one of the issues in the case of the Las Vegas murders is the alleged ease with which someone can legally purchase an assault rifle and modify it into an automatic weapon. This type of weapon makes the murderer much more efficient.

Restricting guns will not change human nature. We will still be emotional and aggressive. However, it seems to make sense to force a madman like the guy in Las Vegas to find another way to murder 50+ people.

I understand why people demand to have the ability to protect themselves and their family in the best way possible. I'm not sure if gun owners fear that restricting gun ownership is a slippery slope.

They don't. Many of us do not see issues, including gun "control", as all or nothing propositions.

I feel like better education on laws, morals & values would be a better solution in the long term, rather than trying to convince shitty adults not to be shitty. Gun control just seems like a short-term & ineffective solution.

Studies have shown the cause of most societal ills is massive inequality. The problem is a system that allows those who contribute least to receive the most. Solve the inequality issue and gun control would be unnecessary.

What i'd like to know is, how did that guy get to use the buildings service elevator, they don't just let anyone use them..

And someone working in the building had to give him help, to load those hundreds of pounds of rifles, guns, ammo, electronics but no one questioned what he was doing...

If there's something that needs to be controlled....its stupidity..

I guess if that whacko drove up to the building with a tank, people working there would've just blindly helped him disassemble it and bring it up to his room...

So many times these things could have never happened but people are to blind to see what is right in front of them...

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