I have offended you. I apologize.

The other day I responded to another members comment and repeated a homosexual slur the other member had used. I've been told by management that my use of the word has offended other members.

While I am not an employee of Amirite, as a moderator I do represent Amirite in a unique manner - different than other members. I have high regard for Amirite, it's ownership and members and apologize for having offended some of you.

What Follows Has Been Added To The Original Explanation

OK, I was asked to apologize originally because of calling names. I didn't reference names or context cuz I thought it would would simply be a new offense. But, apparently it wasn't calling names that was my transgression, and Ser asked me to include the context so everybody knows where this is all coming from and better understand what the issue is and what I am apologizing for. So, here we go. The original comment I replied to was -

"Calling gays/bis etc fags or sinners is disrespectful to us but you aren't campaigning against that. Right now you are arguing that it should be banned because it hurts other people's feelings which is exactly what your side always laughs about. So forgive me if I'm even less convinced about its importance now. Talk about special snowflakes boo hoo hoo. At least I care about disrespecting not inanimate objects but people."

My response mentioned forgiveness in respect to her opinion on the NFL kneeling issue. She, and others took it some other place. I've edited the original post to try to correct that.

"Somethings are bigger than fags homosexuals.
Forgiveness may take a while. But, I respect your right to your incorrect opinion (on the kneeling issue). [Edited out of respect for those that misunderstood my intent.]"

I now believe the issue is actually my closing sentence - "But, I respect your right to your incorrect opinion." Since the original post, I added (on the kneeling issue) - since some I guess thought I was judging their opinion on homosexuality. You see, the topic of the post itself was about NFL players kneeling.

I hope this further explanation soothes rather than inflames.