Threatening on social media is distasteful and pointless.

Image for post **Threatening on social media is distasteful and pointless.**
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So if I say something like: I can foresee several broken bones in your future...if I was to ever see you in RL, you fat flake.

So you wouldn't consider that as threatening....?

A little self control can go a long way on the internet and in real life. I think it's even more ridiculous on here because it is so easy to click "off" and walk away.

People who threaten others on an internet site, usually just come off as ridiculous, blustering blowhards. It is chilling, that sometimes those threats are followed through on.

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I've seen threats of violence, but thank goodness I've not heard of any of them being carried out.

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I've seen some threatening sort of comments on this site, and others.

I threaten myself when I am on the internet, someone has to keep me in line after all.

Threatening in general is, especially if actions do not back it up. Offering warnings is far more beneficial.

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