Trump officially states he met the president of the Virgin Islands... without realizing the he is the President of the Virgin Islands. Seriously, how retarded will Conservatives let the leader of the US be? This was your top pick?

Trump refers to Virgin Islands governor as PresidentPresident Donald Trump accidentally referred to the Virgin Islands' governor as their President during a speech Friday -- even though he is technically their President.http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/13/politics/virgin-islands-president-donald-trump/index.html
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I believe he is referring the "retarded" behavior of the president of this country. That one that is ours too, those of us who live here and care a lot about what is going within it.

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Okay, MM. I did not see any inference that Conservatives are "retarded". It is unfortunate, that the conservative leaning people and politicians who dare to call out Trump's embarrassing and potentially dangerous words and actions, are so condemned by those who insist he can do no wrong.

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It's kind of amusing how you always do that, tell other people how they think and feel. I am not and never have been ANGRY (or traumatized) that Hillary lost. Concerned and sometimes embarrassed that Trump managed to win the presidency of my country, yes.

Please feel free to show me where I've ever "made up" shit about our current president, Ms Gronk.

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I loved every word you said.Liberals don't know right from wrong.


Yeah Gronk, you DID. You can, of course, opine all you want about what YOU //think // other people think and feel.

Since you don't actually listen when people respond, there isn't much point in addressing the wrongness of your opining.

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"Piper2... you like Eminem, our country's A list celebrities, our "msm" and all the other politically clueless liberals in our country are all still so ANGRY, traumatized and pissed off because Hillary lost, where you all just make **** up now about our President hoping one of your lies will work to get Trump ousted from Office."

Your right to express your OPINION has not been questioned, Gronk17. I most certainly do not "want" other members to think of you in any particular way.

Good day.

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Ha! Oh brother. I don't even claim to be "peaceful", in spite of the fact that I've not been violent towards anyone. Not in actions, OR threats.
"Yeah I do" what?

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My "silly meme" proves nothing, except that your rambling diatribes of accusatory and nonsensical notions are pointless to respond to.

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So much "veiled hatred" expressed where?

And Hillary Clinton was yours. We could go through a laundry list of mistakes/dumb utterances by Presidents including Obama, 57 States, Hawaii is part of Asia to name just a couple worthy of a face palm. The last Presidential Election presented the US with the 2 least desirable candidates...ever. I didn't support Trump during the primaries but I do support him as President.

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Why are you asking Conservatives this question? President Trump is NOT a Conservative, so it is not incumbent upon Conservatives to correct his misspeaks. That is the job of the Republican Party, which nominated him to be their candidate in the last election. But the Republican Party in Congress has not even helped Trump advance his agenda on the major issues which he campaigbed on. Thanks to the precedent set by the illegal, unconstitutional method that Obama used, Executive Order, he can go ahead and use the same method to advance his agenda. Oh, and did Obama consider the Virgin Islands to be one of the United States, because he said that there are 57 of them?

So he met himself then? Wonder what he thinks?Or perhaps he thought it was the British Virgin Islands-Head of state the Queen who he won't be meeting either.

I'm trying to walk a fine line here, which - with my horrible balance - isn't easy.

Let's just say, that the rest of the world - Europe at least - has certain bursts of laughter, when it comes to the POTUS.

Just like Obama said,he visited 57 states.

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