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"growling in a mike" is a perfect description.

Thanks, DandyDon.

Like Don said, i like heavy rock and some metal, but I like a good singer, not someone who sounds like they having been breathing the opposite of helium. They play this at the gym sometimes and I can't leave fast enough.

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She is nice to look at but i still found it better with the sound

I don't know, i just can't cope with that sound, like i'm listening to Freddy Krueger trying to sing..

If she ever got sick and couldn't perform at a show, any female that knows all the words to the songs, could go up there and take her place..

I guess that's one good thing about it..

Different people different tastes, you're not getting old. I like rock and metal too but this is way too much for me to listen.

It's not just you...

I like rock, hard rock, heavy metal...
I like real singing and melody...

You don't have to be old to recognize noise..

That would give me a splitting headache after a couple of minutes..

I just don't get anything from someone growling in a mike, like they have a really bad head cold, sounding like someone pissed in their corn flakes and the music is mostly just something for the sake of playing fast..

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