What is the most annoying question that people ask you?

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Are you angry?

And when I say no, they keep asking it.

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hehe smiliehehe smilie Good question, why are you such an asshole? hehe smiliehehe smiliehug smilie

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Have a great week.

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Not sure. I tend to find it a bit annoying when people ask me things while I'm chewing. :P

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OMG..... how rude.

Oh, also:
Are we there yet?
Are you sleeping? <-- (I always answer yes to this one, btw)
Because kids are lovely trolls.

After you obviously hurt yourself - Ouch! Did that hurt?
When someone picks up my glasses, put them on their face and go - Wow, I can't see a thing with this. You're really blind, aren't you?

Why are you going shopping for this time?

Am I in trouble?

Can you twitch your nose

Did you fart?

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