Do you use your left nostril more than your right? It influences how you feel...

Using your nostrils equally makes for a more balanced and clearer disposition.

Image for post Do you use your left nostril more than your right? //It influences how you feel...//
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I pretty much breath through my nose. I am completely unaware if one nostril draws more air than the other.

Right now, both nostrils are doing the same thing, but I read somewhere that our nostrils alternate between left and right every 15 minutes or so, and I do find this to be the case sometimes.

This can also act as an analogy for a variety of things: looking at both sides equally with an open mind helps you form a more educated, balanced opinion, and helps you understand other people's points of view.

Bizarre question of the day.Haven't a clue.I just keep breathing.

Since they are both just holes that the lungs force air through it depends on obstructions or nasal swelling. If everything is up to par I guess it would be equal. Not much voluntary control involved. 😊

If one is clogged like sometimes happens I do use one more than the other. It's a surprise which one I get not to use during flu season.

No idea...Never felt i did anything other than breathing out of both.

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