Do you think our culture is more progressive or regressive?

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Ebb and flow, sukiesnow

Feels regressive but it is slowly progressive, two steps forward one step back.

Regressive left

A state of absolute regression that is prettied up with gizmos and fine dining.

It felt like things were progressing in a positive way; people were starting to see each other by their personalities rather than their gender or skin colour, people were getting more equal treatment..... but then the whole SJW craze took hold and now race and gender relations are a lot worse than they ever were in my lifetime. It's a shame actually, the '90s just felt so positive, but it went downhill since then.

As usual, regressives stad in the way of progress. It could be so much better than it is.

It's both, in differing ways. I wouldn't know how to segment the percentage.

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