Big pharmaceutical companies, are fueled by greed and do not care about people's health?

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You have that right. Their investors' primary concern is not the well-being of other people's health.

Of course they are greedy...but they try to show caring about the public...it cuts down on possible lawsuits.

Greed, laziness & a lack of education about the natural remedies available all around us 🌱🌺

I bet nobody who complains about the greed of health care industries has any clue about the actual financials. I'm constantly hearing about how greedy hospitals are - yet the operating margin of most hospitals is 3-5%, while that of a store is around 8%.

Before you spout off about how "greedy" some sector is, maybe you should turn off the media pundits and actually examine the financial statements.

It generates far more revenue to treat an illness than to provide a cure for such. Big Pharma would welcome holistic approaches if it truly cared about peoples health.

Yet people still believe their ba about vaccines and other medication

Yes look at it this way, all the testing and paperwork costs the company money, they need to cover the costs or won't do the work. That is how business works, it isn't a charity everything costs a lot of money

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