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This is why I'm with the lowly Windows 8.1 just as good but none of the shady stuff

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All major commercial software tracks everything we do. Google is one of the worst.
What can we expect from free software. While Microsoft may track us and use our personal information, we all have the option of not using it on our personal computers. There are other options available to everyone, and most are free. There is the Linux based software, or a TOR browser, etc etc.
If the Dutch don't like it, the Dutch don't have to use it. I doubt if it's going to affect Microsoft's bottom line.
Many of the things people may not like about lack of privacy, they can change in various settings.

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It all the personal information Google collects and sells that I don't like.

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We probably agree that it's something we don't like, but Google is a private company providing a free service and people will continue to use it, and don't care about the risks.

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