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Sounds pretty "lazy" all right. Then there is this part: "It is hoped the tool could also be used by people who are unable to use a keyboard and mouse, a remote control or existing gesture techniques."

Interesting technology used in a ridiculous way.

Wait until the fart controlled televisions appear. Then we are all in real trouble. "Why does this reality show smell of beans and bacon?"

Never seen so many people complain about life getting easier. No one is forcing you to make life simple, go climb on your roof and readjust the satellite some more, it's not like it's illegal.

As an old fart like I am, I am pleasantly amazed at the technology advances I have witnessed during my lifetime, and am grateful for most of them.

When I was a teenager, I was terrified that new technology could delilver hydrogen bombs from Russia to my city with guided missiles. But back then, I could only watch 4 channels on my black and white TV set.

Now with technology, I just installed a new furnace and central air conditioning system in my house and I can monitor the thermostat and adjust it with my cell phone from anywhere in the country when i am not at home. I was also shopping for a new gas barbecue grille yesterday and the salesman showed me a Weber brand product which had a remote monitor feature where I could control the grille temperature from another place so I didn't have to interrupt my conversations with my guests while the meal was cooking on the grille outside (instead of me having to stand by the grille and keep an eye on the cooking process continually).

Hard to think of something less practical.

But, that's OK, there's nothing but crap on TV anyway.

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