Do you practice your penmanship?

I love practicing my handwriting. Do you?

Image for post Do you practice your penmanship?
15% Yes 40% No 25% Sometimes 20% Other
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I think my handwriting is pretty decent, but I do not "practice" it to make it more flowery or anything.

No...but i still write in longhand. Well, sometimes half print half longhand. After more than 50 years, i reckon i have practiced enough. Still not so legible.

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No, but I should. Mine is pretty bad, and it kind of embarrasses me. Kids nowadays don't even have to learn it, which I think is a big mistake.

No, as long as people can read what I write, I'm good to go.

I do try to practice my penismanship, if that helps.

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Well, it's either that or creating my next doomsday device.

My handwriting is awful, and it's staying that way. ☺

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