The best music is by bands who don't care about fame.

Image for post The best music is by bands who don't care about fame.
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Do you know the band in my pic? A tip...he's known for playing a flute.

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He used to have hair...and was a lot slimmer.

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Nice teeth though!


Man! It's kind of nice for the rest of us...when celebs get old, too...

I think it depends on what you mean by "fame">

No artist wants his/her work to go unnoticed. They want us to hear and appreciate the music they're making. That's why they leave their garages and basements and play in public.

However if you mean "fame" as in "Kim Kardashian" fame, red carpets and papparazzi and flashy cars and private planes and mansions etc..., then I agree.

YouTube video thumbnailfamous i think and his music rocks still to this day, better then 99% of country today

@Anonymousmouse famous i...

You certainly know your music!

@Anonymousmouse famous i...

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Alan Jackson is popular was/still is amazing music, he still makes music and it is still authentic

perhaps these singers didn't/don;t care about their fame though, i guess their is a difference between being famous and desiring it

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