If Amirite sold a calendar or t-shirt...which one would you buy?

Staff gets free...

15% AM Calendar 31% AM T-shirt 31% AM none 23% Other
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A t-shirt would last longer...

I'll take one...white on black, please...

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I'm thinking, Amirite coffee mug... on one side it says I l smilie Amirite and on the other it says every opinion matters.... and on the bottom it says, you're blocked hehe smilie

@OzSurfer Thanks, i slightly adjusted my comment

It would be funny if that was on the inside of the bottom of the coffee mug...or you are Followed...ha ha...that takes on a sinister aspect...huh?

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@OzSurfer Ha you're right, there's a number of funny twists that you could add to it :)

If it was a calendar...I'd like to have some noteworthy part-posts on the months...with a couple of FT's thrown in...

If it was a t-shirt...I'd like just a simple Amirite with logo and Every opinion matters...maybe individualized with my AV name...

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The shipping fees would be a lot more expensive than the product

T-shirt if it's British XXX size;

Probably the shirt ... I always have too many calendars. The coffee cup idea is even better!

Probably nothing, unless there was some artwork that was really cool.

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