How ironic and hypocritical is it when SOME righties on this site are always dissing the news media, i.e. CNN, MSNBC, etc. of fake news when what they are reporting is coming straight out of Trump's mouth, but when they think they have found some dirt on Hillary or President Obama, on a news media that no one has ever heard of, then that news is fine with them. Even make posts about it. lol In case they haven't heard, Obama isn't president anymore and Hillary lost the election and people with common sense have moved on. Get a grip people, if you love Trumpo so much why aren't you posting about all the good things he has done....oops, you can't because he hasn't done anything good for our country. Not amirite, I AM RITE. lol

I really enjoy reading their hilarious posts slamming the news media. Evidently they are listening to it, or they wouldn't be slamming it. lol lol They must think that we aren't aware of what hypocrites they really are. lol

Enjoy your day.
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It does get boring.

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I post political when I see an injustice being done, and that's about every day with Trump as president. lol

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hahaha SynG didn't like me using that gal on this lol Wait until he sees

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I just liked what she was saying, I had no idea who that gal was, but I agree, she is pretty. lol

I've noticed that too. Not just that some people find only very selective media sources to be the "truth", but that some people claim anything negative said about Trump is based solely on "media bias".

It is an absurd claim, but I guess it makes them feel better, somehow.

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