This is great news, a special place of honor for a great president, President Barack Obama.

He was a great president, did great things for our country, and now is being honored in this way....I think it's wonderful.

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Obama’s name to replace Jefferson Davis on Jackson elementary schoolIn September, the Jackson Public Schools Board of Trustees approved a policy giving school PTAs and the community the option to rename Jefferson Davis, George and Lee elementary schools.
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I wish we had Obama as president now, instead of the moron that is in the White House now.

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Mine too. lol Such good news!

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Probably this weekend..... there are a lot of racists that won't be happy about it, that's for sure. The KKK will probably be there in all their glory, and Steve Bannon will be leading the charge with Trump right behind him. lol

Trump will be furious when he hears about this. He will be trashing Obama from now on. lol

Barack Obama Magnet IB elementary school. What's the magnet stand for?

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