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Let's just say, that... Well... Back in 1977, one year after I was born, US Military already had one gigahertz machines and 24" displays, so basically the private sector is always lagging behind - on purpose. I still cannot go to the details, as I'm still hitched with my NDA, but clever AI's? Well, I spent ten minutes talking to one back in 2011 and it was... Is there a word for something, that is both awesome and scary at the same time? I mean, officially, I should go on about Turing tests, but... What's the point...

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I read that one. Scary shit!

I don't see a happy ending with the direction robotics is going.

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@TheCensoredBrit yawn

I deserved that one. In fact - I apologize. There was no need to go there. Would you like me to remove my comment? No strings.

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