You are the descendant of an immigrant.

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Yep, and they came here legally through Ellis Island over 100 years ago. They didn't get anything for free and worked for what they got. They weren't looking for a handout when they they got here and only needed a chance to make it on their own as "legal" immigrants

Yeah, although I don't even know their names. I can't find the family tree research that one of my mother's sisters sent me back in the 90's.

Well it wouldn't be the first time I've been told that I'm not a real Canadian no matter how many generations my family has been here.

An Irish one

I am - one French Canadian, the other English ;)

Uh-hum, as was clarified in one of your earlier posts, the answer is 'Alien' , which is technically an immigrant I suppose. I was going to add more but I am on my tablet and typing all this out is rather taxing.

Easy answer + coffee. Although amphetamines are likely the only deployable substances that would get me moving this morning.

AAARRRGGGHHHH but I have to hook up the hot water.......

As you were.

I am one. Also, what Tiffanee wrote.

My mother was a first generation Italian-American. They spoke no Italian at home - worked hard and completely assimilated into their new home.

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