Would you rather have hope or reality...

25% Hope 33% REALITY 42% Other
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Both. They don't have to be the same, but I want both. :)

Both. Hope is what get's you out of bed when reality sucks.

I'm glad I don't need to choose between the two. I know that I am often painfully realistic, but facing reality doesn't mean excluding all hope. Not yet for me, anyway.

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Have ever believed your life was hopeless? That is as bad as it has gotten for me, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

I have both. ex. I hope my family remains safe while driving from place to place. The reality is, that there are crazy people on the roads, drunks, and bad road conditions sometimes and some people are going to get injured or killed.

I don't think they are mutually exclusive.

hope is useless

If you put a gun to my head and made me choose only one I would pick hope. I've experienced reality without hope.

However, as many have said, they are not mutually exclusive.

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