Know the truth behind so called patriotism

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It's rare that ANY president has personally called the families of a son or daughter killed in combat. Over 5 thousand died during Obama's tenure, over 5 thousand died under Bush's tenure, 10's of thousands died under Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.
Now it's an issue that Trump isn't calling each family?
As to Trump saying that a soldier knows what he or she signed up for. That's just a fact,for those of you who have never served. We ALL knew the risks of what we signed up for, and still went. I look at it as a declaration of the courage of a man or woman who willingly put their lives at risk.

@JustJimColo It's rare that ANY president has personally called the families of a son or daughter killed in combat. Over 5...

Okay. Regardless.
He could have said...i dont know...if what i said was taken out of context, i regret that.

Instead...he flat out denies what he said.

You see, jim...it isnt just that i dont agree with his policies. It is that he really has none. He flips and flops on many issues. He cant seem to speak truth. He is a braggart who embellishes in ways that are absurd.
He is just not the man so many want to believe he is. Or maybe he is, and those who excuse him, are like him.
That is abhorent to me.

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I suggest you read the link about Etienne Murphy's parents appearance on CNN before you continue your hate rant against Trump! I am tired of the LEFT and people like you trying to destroy this country and this administration. Instead of trying to divide us with this trash, why not try to find a way to work together to make the USA a better country!

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At least he didn't tell a grieving widow that "He knew what he signed up for"

God you conservatives are getting even more disgusting these days.



Here's your supreme leader having to be reminded to salute the anthem lmao

But you wherenok with Obama’s ignoringnsoldier death and playing golf?

McFly! I thought you had been DA'd or something!

It's great to read your silly complaints again. You always make the republicans look like a better choice!

He only thinks of himself and his own family, he doesn't give a hoot about the American people.