Can somebody tell me how state run media would be any different than what we have now?

The media shapes opinion and propaganda is an incredibly powerful tool.
The media, and I mean ALL the media, is controlled by a handful of people who head the 5 or 6 corporations that own 90% of US media. I'm talking tv, movies, radio, magazines, newspapers, music and now they're coming for the web. To be fair not everything in the corporate news is fake but they not only flat out lie occasionally, they lie by omission all the time. Add to that, with the repeal of the anti-propaganda act As the floods continue, the wildfires burn and Greenland melts there's plenty of coverage on the destruction not a word about climate disruption and while the Internet is chock full of bullshit there is truth out there, although, it's just a challenge to find. If corporations get their way on net neutrality it will be virtually impossible. Would it be any different if run by the authoritarian state?