Can somebody tell me how state run media would be any different than what we have now?

The media shapes opinion and propaganda is an incredibly powerful tool.
The media, and I mean ALL the media, is controlled by a handful of people who head the 5 or 6 corporations that own 90% of US media. I'm talking tv, movies, radio, magazines, newspapers, music and now they're coming for the web. To be fair not everything in the corporate news is fake but they not only flat out lie occasionally, they lie by omission all the time. Add to that, with the repeal of the anti-propaganda act As the floods continue, the wildfires burn and Greenland melts there's plenty of coverage on the destruction not a word about climate disruption and while the Internet is chock full of bullshit there is truth out there, although, it's just a challenge to find. If corporations get their way on net neutrality it will be virtually impossible. Would it be any different if run by the authoritarian state?

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It would be vastly different.

A state run media would be similar to what they have in North Korea. It's sole purpose would be to support the regime, to advance it's agenda and ideology. I

@Chris_the_Demon It would be vastly different. A state run media would be similar to what they have in North Korea. It's sole...

So our propaganda is better than their propaganda?
Our media's sole purpose is to support the regime and to advance its agenda and ideology too. It's just well hidden
We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan based on the media's manufactured consent.
We are now bombing 7 countries, we have 1000 military bases over 70% of the planet and we're the only country that has ever used nukes on another country. We have the largest prison population and the highest incarceration rate on the planet.
All while our corporations pillage the world
It begs the question:Who is the real evil empire?

Canada has CBC, which is state run. I think I might go crazy if CBC was our only media outlet, and we didn't have any privately owned media with different views, some of them close enough to the centre where you can watch the news, get the facts, form your own opinions, and not feel like they're trying to shove an agenda down your throat.

Read 1984 to learn the answer

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I agree it's a propaganda machine and the era of journalism (of any kind) is dead, although I think it's just in a coma and not actually dead, but there's nothing progressive about it. It's a 24/7 barrage of Capitalist advertising and promotion.
As pervasive as it is it's closer to brainwashing and it's virtually impossible to resist. Even when you're aware of the methods it still creeps in.

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No, do you see them salivating over missile launches. They told Phil Donahue that he had to have 2 conservatives on his show for every liberal and he (PD) counted as two liberals. He refused and got canned.
I thought the guy on CNN was going to cum in his shorts when Trump launched at Syria and they're all owned by 5 corporations like Telcom and Comcast. Those are not progressive organizations.
The average exposure is 3000 ads a day. All designed to mold your mind into believing virtually whatever they want and what they want is a docile and apathetic public with just enough education to run the machinery and fill out the paperwork.

No it wouldn't make a difference because the agenda is shared, doesn't matter if it's funded by you, it's still run by those who share an agenda. Legally they are allowed to feed you misinformation, under freedom of speech, is the freedom to lie.

A quick, skeletal answer: state-run would favor political commentary that would largely favor the political landscape, shying away from items that'd disfavorite. "Independent" media favors items that generate cash. I did say "skeletal".

You've only to look into the state-run news feeds around the world to realize just how much worse it'd be to have that source for news in place.

Youtube is already de-monetizing indie news channels and if Ajit Pai gets his way next week the web will be the same propaganda as mainstream

what you have is state run Media, and its run by the democratic party

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